Hotels around the venue

The recommended hotels listed below have been carefully selected based on their proximity to the conference venue and their price point. For further information about each hotel and to book, click on its name. However, you are welcome to secure accommodation of your own choice if you prefer. We understand that individual preferences and needs vary, and want to ensure you have a comfortable stay during the conference. If you have any questions or need assistance in finding alternative accommodation, feel free to reach out to us.

Hotel Distance to the venue
Hotel Kizankan • 2-minute-walk from Hongo-sanchome station(Exit1,2 or Exit3)
• 4-minute-walk from The University of Tokyo(Akamon-gate)
Forest Hongo by unito • 10-minute-walk from Hongo-sanchome station
• 5-minute-walk from Todaimae Station
• 6-minutes from The University of Tokyo
Kasuga Hot Spring Dormy Inn Korakuen • 1-minute-walk from Kasuga Station(Exit A4 or A7)
• 8-minute-walk from Korakuen Station(Exit4)
• 14-minute-walk from the University of Tokyo
Elite-Inn Tokyo • 3-minute-walk from Yushima Station
• 6-minute-walk from Ueno-hirokoji Station
• 15-minute-walk from The University of Tokyo
Hotel Graphy Nezu • 5-minute-walk from Nezu Station
• 16-minute-from the University of Tokyo
Ueno First City Hotel • 5-minute-walk from Okachimachi Station (South Exit)
• 18-minutes-walk from the University of Tokyo

If you have any questions regarding accommodation, please contact the local conference secretariat: