Scholarship information and application

Scholarship applications have now closed.

A limited number of scholarships to cover registration fees and a small contribution towards travel expenses will be available to assist with attendance at the 15th ISPE Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology – Bangalore. 

ISPE’s ACPE International Steering Committee, which administers this scholarship program, bases its decisions on factors including but not limited to: having an accepted abstract, country of residence, student status, financial situation, stated reasons for wishing to attend the meeting, and supporting statements.

Registration scholarships will be offered to participants who are attending in-person and will cover attendance at all presentations from 26 – 28 October. If you are successful in receiving a registration scholarship, you will not have to pay the registration fee for either the education sessions or the conference itself. Scholarships will not cover attendance at the conference dinner.

Scholarships may also be awarded which contribute towards expenses associated with travel to the conference and accommodation. In this case ISPE’s 15th ACPE may provide a small contribution to the successful applicants in Indian Rupees (INR). Successful applicants must provide a copy of their expense receipts during the ISPE 15th ACPE 2023 – Bangalore.

Applicants are advised that typically the total amount of financial (scholarship) assistance requested to attend ISPE meetings significantly exceeds the amount of funds the Society is able to allocate. Applicants are strongly encouraged to try to simultaneously find additional funding to attend this meeting from other sources. 

Researchers from developing countries, those in genuine financial need, and students who otherwise would be unable to attend ISPE’s 15th ACPE are invited to submit an application.

The deadline for scholarship application submission is Friday 9 June 2023.

You will receive an immediate email acknowledging receipt of your scholarship application. If you do not receive this email (please check your spam folder first), please contact the ACPE15 program secretariat by email:


  1. *STUDENTS – The scholarship application must be accompanied by a letter of reference from one of the following: your Dean, Department Chair, Advisor, or Supervisor attesting to your involvement in the field of pharmacoepidemiology and your need for financial support. In this context, the field of pharmacoepidemiology includes pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, comparative effectiveness research, and therapeutic risk management. Also, students must include documentation of full-time student status (e.g., a clear copy of student ID with a valid date or letter from school or program).
  1. If you are requesting travel funding, please check with your travel agent or local airline to find the lowest cost to purchase your own ticket. Enter the amount (converted to Indian Rupees using current exchange rate).
  2. If you are requesting funding for accommodation, please enter the cost of accommodation (converted to Indian Rupees using current exchange rate).
  3. The level and nature of awards for scholarships/expense reimbursement will be determined on an individual basis. No payments will be made until the ACPE15 Program Secretariat receives all expense receipts – DURING the ISPE 15th ACPE 2023 – Bangalore, India.
  4. Scholarships will not cover food, ground transportation, parking, incidentals, etc.
  5. Cancellation of an awarded scholarship: If you will be unable to attend the conference, please let the ACPE15 program secretariat know as soon as possible by email:
  6. If you are offered a scholarship and have not registered to attend the conference by Friday 25 August 2023 your offer of a scholarship will be automatically withdrawn without further notice.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by Friday 28 July 2023.